Vuzix Vision: Maintaining Eye Health in the Wearable Display Era

Facts to help Vuzix® keep ocular health in sight

As we get used to wearing sophisticated computing equipment directly in front of our eyes, it’s perfectly normal to ask questions about eye health and vision issues.

These items include:

  • the wearer’s pre-existing vision issues
  • eye dominance
  • eye muscle adaptation
  • screen fatigue

Vuzix designers have taken these and other factors into careful consideration.

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Eye Dominance

As every left-handed person knows, the world is oriented to the right. About 70% of us are

right-eye dominant.

It can be difficult for people who are left-eye dominant to adapt to right-eye design. In some cases, they become disoriented.

This is because eye dominance is a major factor in devices that ask us to respond to visual inputs, such as smart glasses.

To counter this issue, Vuzix glasses are easily adjustable and can be used with equal

ease by those who are left-eye dominant.

Eye Muscle Adaptation

While we may not realize it, most of us spend our working hours looking down. Our eye muscles have adapted to this reality.

When wearing AR (augmented and/or assisted reality) displays, this changes. Vuzix users look down, up, and straight ahead. This is because wearers are free to interact with the world. Rather than staring at a screen a fixed distance away, as most of us do when viewing phones or computer monitors, smart glasses enable us to take a quick glance at the screen and then look away.

It’s a little like glancing at your speedometer when driving. At first, this may take practice, but soon our eye muscles adapt.

In some cases, a user’s eyes need time to adjust to wearing Vuzix smart glasses. Although the health risks are very minimal, users are wise to investigate ways to maintain eye health while regularly using wearable displays.

Existing Eye Health

Although we’re meant to have our vision checked annually, most of us don’t.

In order to get the maximum benefit from AR glasses, it’s important that we do. Correcting our vision will maximize the benefit of using Vuzix devices, and reduce or eliminate any side effects.

Vuzix devices can and should be worn with prescription glasses. Or in the case of the Vuzix Blade® smart glasses, prescription lenses are available.

It’s also important that the wearer’s prescription is current. The vision technology in the glasses is so precise that using them can indicate to some users that they may need prescription glasses.

Screen Fatigue

Vuzix smart glasses are computers. As a result, the same precautions we apply to our smartphones, laptops, and desktops apply to these wearable devices.

Simply put: our eyes aren't meant to stare at a fixed area for hours on end.

It’s important that we take breaks, keep connected with the real world, and maintain proper posture.

A solution to the avoidable visual health issues of the smart glasses era

The key to successful, enjoyable, and productive use of Vuzix smart glasses is training and patience.

The same applies to maintaining visual health while using the devices.

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