Warehousing AR Glasses Increase Productivity

Picking Orders Quicker and Easier with Warehousing AR (Augmented Reality) Glasses

Automation in warehouse operations is nothing new. Today, the world’s largest companies offer lightning-quick delivery. However, this is set to improve further with warehousing AR.

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Companies are already introducing wearable AR glasses into their warehousing operations. In particular, Vuzix’s M-Series glasses enhance multiple operations worldwide.

The reason: smart glasses increase order picking accuracy and volume. Additionally, they improve warehouse safety by offering hands-free control. No longer do warehouse staff require an RF gun in hand. Soon, picking will be a hands-free operation.

Warehousing AR glasses improve efficiency and safety

Reducing Fatigue, Eliminating Mistakes

Today, there is a wide variety of AR and Vision Picking apps available on Vuzix smart glasses. For example, Logistiview uses augmented reality overlays to help warehouse workers know which bin to pick from. Additionally, it tells them how many items to pick.

The app combines AR, AI, and computer vision to provide an intuitive heads up display. This is overlaid across the user’s lenses.

Furthermore, the use of voice technology allows users to easily navigate AR and Vision Picking apps with voice commands.

Everything you need is right in front of your eyes

The Future Craves Wearable AR Smart Glasses

Warehousing AR smart glasses are just the start. Wearable smart glasses have limitless potential across a wide variety of industries. For Example, remote training can be provided in real-time to technicians in the field. Similarly, the same can be done for doctors in the operating room.

Most importantly, the technology has the potential to drastically increase profit margins, safety and other KPIs. As a result, corporations are beginning to heavily invest in the technology.

As more resources and attention is paid to wearable AR tech, more and more applications are becoming available.