Webex Update: Video Chat Connector App Continues to Improve

Hands-free, voice-controlled calls

Video calls over Smart Glasses are gaining popularity in both the personal and professional realms.

The latest Webex software update on Vuzix M-Series and Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses’ Connector app is sure to increase this popularity and put a smile on user’s faces.

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As of July 2020, several new features have been added to our Connector app to improve the user experience.

Taking into account user feedback, Webex is easier to use than ever before on Vuzix Smart Glasses.

Webex over Vuzix Smart Glasses allows off-site medical experts to guide caregivers

Big changes: big improvements

These hands-free devices change the way many jobs are performed.

Surgeons can receive instructions on the operating table. Warehouse workers can fulfill orders with increased speed. Teachers can broadcast their first-person POV to students at home.

These latest improvements enhance these capabilities:

  • Pick up the phone: Getting an incoming Webex call, and the app is closed? No problem - the app will open immediately upon answering. The same goes for your teams and spaces!
  • Voice controls: Enter any meeting using your voice! Use either voice-to-text dictation or the device’s keyboard to input meeting IDs.
  • Scan that barcode: Generate a barcode for your next meeting! Scan with your M400 Smart Glasses to enter.
  • Redial: Call back into the last meeting you joined with this new feature.
  • Customize: Hide whichever features you don’t use and showcase those you do.

The Webex experience on Vuzix Smart Glasses is unbeatable.

Are Smart Glasses the future of video calls?

Along with Zoom and Skype, the 2020 pandemic caused a spike in Webex users.

To meet social distancing measures, video calling apps are more important than ever.

The best way to use them: hands-free, voice-controlled Smart Glasses.

This latest software update to our Connector app means more users can enjoy Webex video calls on Vuzix Smart Glasses.

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