What to Expect using Microsoft Teams on Vuzix Smart Glasses

You’ve probably heard by now that Vuzix M400 & M4000 Smart Glasses received a software update, allowing them to run Microsoft Teams.

The improvements are expected to increase the impact/reach of wearable hands-free technology among small businesses and large corporations alike.

Our recent webinar explored all the update’s benefits. You’ll find a list of improvements below.

The new MS Teams update on Vuzix Smart Glasses offers business owners countless benefits

Using Microsoft Teams on Vuzix Smart Glasses:

See what I see conferencing

Users can share their camera feed with remote experts, allowing them to see exactly what Smart Glasses wearers see in the real world. This leaves his or her hands free for complex tasks. Remote experts can use their favorite Microsoft Teams client to view the user’s feed. They can also share content with the wearer, giving on-site workers the help they need.


Users can navigate the app on the glasses like they would using a laptop. Using one finger on the head mount, an on-screen cursor helps users start and end calls.

More ways to start & join calls

  • From the Chat menu
  • From recent contacts
  • From teams and groups
  • Through Microsoft Calendar

Viewing Screen share

Work instructions can be broadcasted directly onto the Smart Glasses display. They don’t interfere with the wearer’s sight.

Learn more about Microsoft Teams on Vuzix Smart Glasses.

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