Why CooperVision’s Decision to Use Vuzix Smart Glasses is Big News

Global manufacturing titan deploys Vuzix M400 at New York warehouse

On March 18th, a major US contact lens manufacturer made life easier on its staff. Equipping members of its New York warehouse with Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses, CooperVision employees can now perform their jobs more quickly and efficiently.

Those tasked with handling the company’s 120,000+ contact lens products now have the help of hands-free picking guidance.

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How will it improve productivity at the 275,000 square foot facility?

Super pickers

Information including order numbers and handling instructions are broadcast directly to a staff member’s display. Workers can seamlessly shift from one order to the next without distraction.

Speak up

With LogistiVIEW’s Vision+ software, users can perform tasks with voice commands. Unsure of a product’s location? Simply call up your manager - no hands required.

Remote support

CooperVision employees can instantly summon the help of shift leads. Sounds like your average video chat? Guess again. Office staff can see exactly what Vuzix M400 wearers on the warehouse floor are looking at. For guidance purposes, they can even take screenshots of their partner’s view and send edited versions back.


The benefits extend beyond the shift worker. Companies are proven to save time and money by optimizing their workforce with wearable display tech. These intuitive devices significantly reduce the time it takes to perform countless tasks. The result: more efficiently run businesses with healthier revenue streams.

CooperVision has equipped its New York warehouse with Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses, allowing team members to perform countless tasks hands-free.

Industry leaders bet on Smart Glasses

This partnership between Vuzix, LogistiVIEW (the software provider) and CooperVision is groundbreaking.

It is yet another example of a major corporation realizing that Smart Glasses have the potential to revolutionize their business operations.

Read the full press release here.

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