Witness the Future of Events - Vuzix Partners with Leading 3D Augmented Reality Firm

Could virtual showrooms soon be common?

One day, walking a tradeshow floor might not involve leaving the house. Thanks to a partnership with rooom AG, virtual showrooms and digital events of all kinds will be made accessible through Vuzix Smart Glasses.

The German startup offers all-in-one 3D, VR and AR solutions to businesses. While interest has been steadily growing in their offering for years, the global pandemic sent development into a frenzy.

Why? Because countless industries rely on in-person events.

While teleconferencing apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have kept companies afloat, there was no replacement to experiencing new products in the flesh.

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Here’s how rooom AG’s partnership with Vuzix could revolutionize the business world:

Virtual showrooms

Don those Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses and enter a muscle car show. A particular model catch your eye? Step inside and inspect the interior. The entire car will be interactive.

A marketer’s dream

People are most likely to buy something after they personally try it. Currently, it’s not possible to place virtual, totally interactive products into consumer’s hands. That could soon change...

3D budgeting

Business owners, say goodbye to hyper-expensive showroom floors. Instead, spend event budgets on virtual mockups. Need an example? Checkout Netflix’s sci-fi hit Altered Carbon.

Infinitely customizable

As the technology advances, businesses will be able to create sophisticated virtual events very quickly. Consider how Instagram gives users all the tools it needs to make high-quality posts. One day, anyone will be able to create venues that look like they’ve been ripped straight out of a Pixar movie.

Virtual events are the future. Vuzix is teaming with rooom AG to bring you closer to an AR event - made possible with Smart Glasses.
Image credit: IT News Online

From trade shows to the classroom

The 2020 pandemic is projected to cost the US between $3-5 trillion in GDP through 2023.

But the trouble doesn’t stop there. The disruption could have consequences that span a generation. Education has taken a major hit, with students unable to attend class. Technicians, engineers and future doctors are also among those disadvantaged by the pandemic.

Smart Glasses are already making up for lost time with remote training. The next best thing to having an instructor over your shoulder, the wearable display tech harnesses the power of 3D, AR and VR better than any other device.

Which raises an important question: could the Vuzix-rooom AG partnership spell a future where businesses neglect physical events for cost-effective 3D alternatives?

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