Working from Home and Smart Glasses: Pandemic Spotlights AR Tech

Smart glasses make working from home easier

The coronavirus has caused a massive spike in telecommuters. Indeed, the pandemic forces even the most conservative companies to experiment with employees working from home.

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Evidently, COVID-19 may forever change the way we do business. Moreover, it is now forcing us to innovate to fill the communication gap left by in-person meetings.

Enter AR (augmented reality) smart glasses. Some believe the technology will replace smartphones in the 2020s. However, social distancing might speed up this timeline.

Smart glasses could make you more efficient in the home office
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An innovation spike

Furthermore, the coronavirus might cause several tech advances to occur earlier than expected. After all, nothing breeds innovation like adversity.

The virus asks us to rely on digital tech more than ever before. Could it cause a smart glasses boom in home offices?

Only time will tell. However, Vuzix smart glasses are or can be equipped with Zoom, Skype, Amazon Alexa and other apps.

Vuzix smart glasses make working from home infinitely better:

  • Hands-free meetings: Teleconferencing is essential in home offices. Consequently, hands-free virtual meetings feel more natural.
  • Voice-activated office: Using your voice, the glasses call colleagues, change your background music, take screenshots and act as virtual assistants.

Even better, the technology steadily improves. Eventually, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Dial-A-Doctor: Worried you’ve contracted COVID-19? Vuzix and 1Minuut work toward connecting you with a medical professional in the Netherlands. Although remote, these exams can be incredibly thorough and helpful.
  • Virtual task master: Like Tony Stark, turn your home office into a laboratory. Manipulate and interact with virtual models, spreadsheets and documents.

Vuzix is working on ways to defend against COVID-19
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AR steps up to the plate

The response to and impact of COVID-19 is unprecedented. Evidently, it’s everyone’s duty to protect those most at risk.

As a result, the need for sophisticated technology to safely connect us is more pressing than ever.

Make no mistake, this need will not likely evaporate once the current coronavirus is contained. The pandemic sparks a universal need to explore innovations that can reduce in-person meetings.

There are few better solutions than AR smart glasses. They offer the most seamless way to access our virtual platforms - which play a larger role in connecting us than ever before.

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