Yoga At Home: Hold that Pose Longer with Smart Glasses

Enhance your practice with smart glasses

COVID-19 has forced countless yoga studios to close. Yogis of all skill levels are forced to continue their practice at home over YouTube and virtual classes. Smart glasses could take these solo sessions to the next level.

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The pandemic forced society to lean on home fitness for both physical and mental health reasons. This transition away from studios and gyms caused items like yoga mats to skyrocket in popularity.

As virtual fitness companies report record sales, a question emerges: are modern devices (smartphones, laptops, TVs) equipped to satisfy our home fitness needs?

Smart glasses mean yogis no longer have to strain their necks to keep up.
Credit: Portland Mercury

Stop craning that neck toward the screen

Especially for beginners, yoga asks us to mimic our instructor’s movements. Even in studios, students must crane their necks to double-check posture.

With smart glasses like the Vuzix Blade, a user’s favorite yogi remains in the corner of their eye.

Smart glasses can improve yoga in the following ways:

  1. Yogi see, yogi do: As mentioned, users don’t need to break their concentration to study a screen. No matter their position, the instructor remains in sight.
  2. See what I see: Eventually, students could stream their first-person POV to instructors - and vice versa. This view would allow virtual guides to offer precise feedback. This is already being used for remote doctor visits.
  3. Sensor sensei: Imagine seeing a green check mark for proper posture and a red cross for poor form. Sensors could make this possible and their findings would be best communicated over hands-free smart glasses.
  4. No hands required: Missed a move? Want to give that pose another try? Rewind, fast forward or pause with voice commands. Summon Amazon Alexa on Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses at any time.

Stream YouTube on Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses. Your next stretch requires no smartphone, tablet, tv or monitor.
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Smart glasses and living room gyms

The 2020 pandemic accelerated how quickly we embrace augmented reality.

With people forced to find alternatives to gyms, coffee shops and movie theatres, new and old technologies stepped up to fill the void.

While yoga at home was nothing new, the need to turn apartments and living rooms into makeshift studios became pressing.

Could smart glasses provide such an intuitive yoga experience that studios are no longer necessary?

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