Zoom Connector Update on Vuzix Smart Glasses – No Hands Required

Stay connected – hands-free

The COVID era forced the civilized world to become closely acquainted with Zoom. Luckily, there’s an alternative to those awkward, unintuitive video chats on your smartphone.

Zoom has been available on Vuzix Smart Glasses for a while now. At $99.99/year, the platform allows hands-free access to the world’s leading video chat service.

Of particular interest to business owners, the app’s see-what-I-see video makes remote training seamless. In short, upkeep your workforce’s skill set without compromising their safety.

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A recent update to our Zoom Connector on Vuzix Smart Glasses offers business owners several benefits:

  • Users can choose to enable speech commands during meetings on M400 and M4000 devices. This eliminates the need to touch your Smart Glasses!
  • On the same devices, control the camera using speech commands – including zoom and exposure
    • Using similar voice tech to Google Home or Amazon Alexa (available on Vuzix Smart Glasses), trainees use voice commands to send instructors images of job site challenges
  • The latest Zoom Connector platform is now available on all Vuzix devices
Zoom’s menu on Vuzix Smart Glasses. Completely hands-free video calls for any job.
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While video chatting hands-free with grandma is nice, businesses are the real beneficiaries of this technology.
Whether it’s a technician in the field or a surgeon in the OR, real-time training is provided remotely. A far superior alternative to an instructor looking over a trainee’s shoulder, Zoom and Vuzix combine to bring video training into industry 4.0.
Check out Zoom Connector for Vuzix Smart Glasses, available on Vuzix Blade, M4000, M400, M300 & M300XL devices.
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