Vuzix Blade® Developer FAQs

Vuzix Blade® Capabilities & Features

Can I override the built-in gestures?

Developers can override most touch events and some gestures via the Android KeyEvents API. See interaction methods for the Vuzix Blade on the Developer Center.


Can we adjust the sensitivity of the touchpad?

We are working on this feature and will make it available via a future OTA update.


How can I disable or adjust or reconfigure the haptics or vibrations on the Blade?

Navigate to Settings > Device > Volume > Vibrations. There will be an option to disable/enable the vibrations based on current configuration.


How can I get an OTA (Over the Air) update?

  • Before updating the Blade Software using OTA, ensure the Blade is connected to a Wi-Fi network and the battery is charged to at least 50%.
  • Navigate to Settings > Software Update > Tap on Check for Updates. If there is an update, a dialog will indicate as such.
  • On the dialog tap download.
  • When the download is complete, tap install. The Blade will verify/install the update and restart with the new software version.

How can I manage the OTA (Over the Air) update notifications on my Blade?

  • The settings for the Blade OTA update notifications mechanism can be found in Settings, under Software Update > Update Alerts. For the OTA process to work, the Blade must be connected to a Wi-Fi network and charged to at least 50% battery.
  • This feature has three modes, each will be described below:
    • Disabled - This option will fully disable the notifications mechanism, preventing the Blade from proactively contacting our OTA server to check for updates.
    • Notify Once - This option will display a pop-up notification when a new download is available, or when a download completes. It will notify the user only once.
    • Notify and Alert Periodically - This option will display a pop-up notification once per every 24 hours when there is a download available or a download completes.

How can I open a webpage on the Blade?

Visit the Vuzix App Store for a listing of browsers available to the Blade.

Please note, it is highly recommended to use the trackpad input feature from the companion app when navigating a browser on the Blade.

How do I transfer files to/from my Mac?

To manage files between the Vuzix Blade and your Mac please visit the following site to download Android File Transfer.


How to connect to Wi-Fi?

  • Navigate to Settings > Connectivity > Wi-Fi
  • Select "Turn On" if disabled
  • Select "Add Network"
  • Select the Network you wish to connect to (if hidden, select "Add Hidden Network")
  • Enter the network details and select the green check mark

To manage saved networks, navigate to the "Saved Networks" menu.

How to enable Dev Options and ADB Debugging ?

To enable Developer mode (Dev Options) with ADB Debugging, please visit the following Knowledge Article: Enable ADB Debugging on the Vuzix Blade.


How to optimize Camera performance in dark environments?

When using the Camera1 API:

For the best experience, avoid calling the method setRecordingHint(true). Passing the value true to this method will shorten the exposure time in the shutter, resulting in a higher frame rate, but less brightness.

When using the Camera2 API:

Use CameraDevice.TEMPLATE_PREVIEW over CameraDevice.TEMPLATE_RECORD for increased brightness in low-light environments.

What are the advanced gestures supported on Blade?

  • One-Finger Tap = Select the item in focus (or) Wakeup Blade when it is sleeping
  • One-Finger Swipe Up = Swipe up (or) navigate vertical lists by going up (or) Goes to previous row on keyboard
  • One-Finger Swipe Down = Swipe down (or) navigate vertical lists by going down (or) Goes to next row on keyboard
  • One-Finger Swipe Forward = Swipe forward (or) Goes to next char on keyboard (or) Moves the video scrubber forward
  • One-Finger Swipe Backward = Swipe back (or) Goes to previous char on keyboard (or) Moves the video scrubber back
  • One-Finger Hold for One Second = Bring up menu (when available). E.g.: On keyboard, it displays various options for that char
  • Two-Finger Swipe Backward = Delete / Backspace. Ex: On Keyboard deletes previous char. Acts like one backspace click
  • Two-Finger Swipe Forward = Delete action, Ex: On Photos or videos or notifications (or) On keyboard add a space
  • Two-Finger Swipe Up = Volume up (or) During recovery navigates the list
  • Two-Finger Swipe Down = Volume down (or) During recovery navigates the list
  • Two-Finger Hold for One Second = Home
  • Two-Finger Tap = Back
  • Three Finger Tap = Screen OFF
  • Three Finger Hold = Assistant Activation

What are the supported Resolutions on Blade?

The Blade supports 7.6MP (3264 x 2448) and 4.8MP (2593x1944) JPGs for still pictures and 1080p (1920 x 1080) and 720p (1280x720) for Videos.


What are the USB Connectivity Modes?

  • There are three USB Connectivity Modes. They are:
  • MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) = Utilizes Media Transfer Protocol to transfer pictures and videos. This is the default setting.
  • PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) = Utilizes the Picture Transfer Protocol to transfer pictures and videos.
  • Charge Only = All USB communications are ignored. USB only will charge the device.

What are the various states of Power LED state?

The power LED changes state dependent on mode and current charge level as described below:
While charging:
  • < 90% - Slow blink
  • >= 90% - Off

While booting:

  • Solid on

While running:

  • < 15% and not charging - Fast blink
  • >= 15% and not charging - Off
  • < 90% and charging - Slow blink
  • >= 90% and charging - Off

What is a Developer Mode or Dev Options?

To see advanced settings on Blade, you can enable Developer mode or Dev Options.


When does the Camera LED Turn on?

The Camera LED status turns on while camera hardware is being accessed. Camera LED also turns on when photos are taken or videos are being recorded. Note that just accessing the camera hardware via the API can turn it on.


Blade Applications & Integrations

Can I run third-party applications on the Blade?

Due to the nature of the Vuzix Blade, third-party Android applications not specifically designed for the Blade may not run as expected (or at all).

Can I use the Vuzix Smart Glass Manager application with the Blade?

  • No, Smart Glass Manager only supports the M100.
  • You can use Vuzix View to remote control of the Blade via USB on you PC or Mac computer.
  • The Blade also supports input from Bluetooth peripheral devices, including mice and keyboards.

Does Blade support quick charge?

No, the Blade doesn't support quick charge.


Does the Blade support the Google Play Store?

The Blade is not a CTS (Compatibility Test Suite) compliant device and does not support the Play Store or other Google Mobile Services (GMS) not covered by the Android Open Source license.


How can I add GPS services to my application?

The Blade pulls GPS location data from a linked companion device.

As such, you will need to define a location listener:

private final LocationListener mLocationListener = new LocationListener() {


    public void onLocationChanged(final Location location) {

        //your code here




Then utilize the LocationManager API to register for updates:

    mLocationManager = (LocationManager) getSystemService(LOCATION_SERVICE);

    mLocationManager.requestLocationUpdates(LocationManager.GPS_PROVIDER, LOCATION_REFRESH_TIME,

            LOCATION_REFRESH_DISTANCE, mLocationListener);


And finally, add the permissions to access the data by adding one of the following to your manifest:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION"/>


<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION"/>

Blade Troubleshooting

Blade doesn’t show up when connected to a machine. What should I do?

  • Confirm the selected USB Mode is PTP when connecting to Mac or Linux devices and MTP or PTP on Windows devices
  • Connect the device to a different USB port
  • Use a different micro-USB cable to connect
  • Lastly try restarting the Blade and restarting the machine

Blade sometimes goes offline when trying to access it using a machine.

  • Attempt to re-connect by:

    • Un-plugging and re-plugging the device.
    • Reboot the Blade.

Blade sometimes says Unauthorized when trying to access it using Vuzix View.

This is a result of attempting to access the Blade via and/Vuzix View prior to authorizing the machine.
  • Make sure ADB Debugging is turned on. Upon receiving the prompt to allow debugging via the connected device, click OK.
  • If a prompt to authorize did not pop-up unplug and replug the USB.
  • If that did not trigger the prompt, try multiple ports and multiple cables.
  • If the prompt still is not present, try restarting the Blade and restarting the machine.

USB Device not recognized. What should I do?

  • If the USB device is not identified correctly, the driver does not load properly or there is a USB error you might see a USB device not recognized warning.
  • Check your USB cable.
  • Usually re-plugging the USB will fix it, but if not, then a reboot of the Windows machine may be needed.
  • If this does not solve your problem, try re-installing your USB driver for Windows or check the USB rules for Linux/Mac

Why am I not able to access the photos and videos on my Blade when it is connected to a machine?

Make sure the USB Connectivity mode is updated from charge only to MTP or PTP.


Why does my Camera LED turn on when I am not on Camera app?

  • Make sure you don't have an app that accesses the camera open in the background.
  • Try restarting your Blade. If you still notice the LED is turned on, please call Support for assistance.

Why don't I see notifications on the Blade?

  • Ensure the companion device is linked and connected by verifying the companion application (available on iOS and Android)
  • Ensure notifications are enabled on the companion device

Why is there a battery icon in the status bar?

The battery icon indicates the Blade's charge level.


Why is there a SD card icon in the status bar?

The SD card icon is present when either the internal storage, external SD card, or both, have been filled to more than 90% of their capacity. Moving or deleting files on the system will automatically clear this warning.

Why is there an airplane icon in the status bar?

The airplane icon indicates airplane mode is currently active on the Blade. To disable, hold the power button and select Airplane Mode from the popup menu.