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Transform Field Service with Vuzix

The field service industry is experiencing major upheavals as machines that need servicing are becoming more complex. Plus, an estimated 60% of the workforce is set to retire soon.

Vuzix augmented reality (AR) smart glasses help connect technicians in the field to AI databases and remote specialists, providing them with heads-up, hands-free support and training that improves overall productivity and safety.


Reduce Costs with Faster Fix Rates

Improve resolution rates by putting key information in a worker’s field of view.

Improve Compliance with Protocols

Provide step-by-step instructions and training in the field to reduce error rates.

Accelerate Customer Response Times

Reduce downtimes required for maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.

Get the Right Experts on the Job

Access experts remotely to gain technical support while minimizing travel costs.

Field Service Use Cases

Real Time Support for Complex Tasks

As technologies keep advancing, technicians are responsible for servicing a large range of products of increasing complexity. With Vuzix field services smart glasses, workers in the field can access task-based information directly in their line of vision — heads up and hands-free. 

And they can quickly connect to experts remotely, eliminating the need for costly travel and providing speedy resolution to tough issues.

Increased Automation, Fewer Errors

Man in orange safety jacket, white hard hat, and Vuzix smart glasses standing in front of a processing plant.

Many field technicians must still consult paper manuals and rely on manual documentation. This can increase workflow inefficiencies and error rates. 

Vuzix AR glasses for field service enable easy audio and visual documentation. Best of all, they provide a hands-free, intuitive interface between your company’s digital content — detailed instructions, diagrams, and videos — and technicians in the field.

Real-Time Training and Guidance

Young man in black T-shirt, orange overalls, and gloves, wearing Vuzix smart glasses while fixing machinery with a tool.

It’s estimated that 25% of service calls require follow-up visits. This is often due to a lack of training, experience, and access to information. 

With Vuzix AR glasses for field service, training and courses can take place remotely, delivered directly to a single location or to multiple sites. Technicians can receive on-the-job, interactive training and supervision simultaneously from instructors or senior personnel.

Watch our field service call webinar

See how easy it is to use smart glasses to fix a control panel – or anything – from miles away using real-time visual virtual assist in this live recorded field service call.

Download Webinar

Watch our field service call webinar

See how easy it is to use smart glasses to fix a control panel – or anything – from miles away using real-time visual virtual assist in this live recorded field service call.

Download Webinar

Vuzix m4000 Smart Glasses

Vuzix M4000 smart glasses help field service workers improve productivity by letting them access critical content with AR displays; document steps and resolve issues; and livestream remote support — all hands-free. 

Lightweight and durable, our field services smart glasses use waveguide technology so that users can keep focused with see-through displays that let them maintain awareness of their surroundings.

Discover the M4000



Learn how CH Four Biogas, a leading producer of anaerobic digestion and alternative energy installations, is driving savings with remote construction audits.


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Vuzix Leads in Assisted and Augmented Reality

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