Legacy Products

Legacy smart glasses

Legacy Accessories

Wrap 1200DX, VR Upgrade Kit
Tether Strap
USB AC Adapter with Micro USB Cable
Wrap Noise Isolating Earphones
Replacement Wrap Nosebridge
USB to Micro USB Cable, Right-Angle
USB to Micro USB Cable, Left-Angle
Vuzix M100 Earphone Caps, Short & Long
Vuzix M100 Safety Glasses Adapters, Left & Right
Vuzix M100 Carrying Case
Vuzix M100 External Battery Pack (Extra)
Vuzix M100 Headband
Lensless Frames
Wrap™ Lightshield
Frames – Style 1 Right Side Mounting
Frames – Style 1 Left Side Mounting
Frames – Style 2
Safety Frames – Style 2