Revolutionizing Fulfillment Operations with Workforce Augmentation

Incisiv Data Report & 2024 Logistics Industry Brief

Insights and analysis from a study of 128 executives across Retail, Manufacturing, Third-party Logistics (3PL), and Distribution sectors. This report is for those who are:

  • Looking ahead to redefine their operational landscape.
  • Crafting a roadmap for integrating automation technologies in their operations.
  • Assessing the business case for technologies like AR wearables.

Shifting the focus from digitization to application of key technologies

Digitization lays the groundwork for strategic technological adoption, but warehouse operations face a growing set of challenges including tech-literacy, cost-management, and labor. The top three challenges that companies say impede fulfillment operations?

50% say training and onboarding

46% say picking accuracy

45% say managing workforce turnover


say that AR wearables will be central to operations in the next-gen of warehouses.

Human Augmentation and the hybrid future of warehousing

94% of U.S. companies see technology as a complement, not replacement, in logistics and warehousing.

Top 3 most significant impacts stated by enterprises from implementing AR wearable Technology

Picking Accuracy

Worker Productivity

Scalability During Peak Hours

59% of companies expect a 16-50% increase in productivity through the implementation of AR wearable technology.

Forward-Thinking Warehouses: Pioneering with Digital and Human Synergy

The future of warehouse operations is being reshaped by digital innovation. From foundational digitalization to advanced technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) wearables and robotics, this evolution is vital for competitiveness in a dynamic market.

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