Optimize Operations with Vuzix

Reduce errors, boost profits, and improve productivity by controlling your end-to-end business operations with Vuzix augmented reality (AR) technology.

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Centralize Business Processes with Vuzix

Operations involve a wide range of complex systems and workflows in manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution — all working seamlessly to meet customer demands.

With Vuzix AR smart glasses for operations, increase productivity and customer satisfaction by integrating enterprise management software and remote expert guidance. Vuzix gives your workforce a unified view of timely, accurate information across the supply chain.


AR Wearables in logistics and warehousing: Using ar to Scale and deliver cost savings

Learn how warehousing and logistics providers are increasingly leveraging technology, like augmented reality (AR) wearables, to strengthen connections, maximize efficiencies throughout the organization, and boost profitability. Efficiency gains from hands-free access to needed information and remote experts provided by AR wearables can result in:

  • 42% improvement in voluntary turnover to help overcome a shortage of 5.5 million supply chain workers
  • 20% decrease in time-to-decision to respond to rapidly changing market demands
  • 42% higher increase in YoY profitability


Access Multiple Systems from One Place

Get relevant data — from production to distribution — when and where you need it.

Make Better Business Decisions

Monitor and track inventory in real time to better forecast supply and demand.

Increase Operational Efficiencies

Decrease pick times and order fulfillment errors to gain a competitive advantage.

Streamline Workflows and Minimize Downtime

Connect workers with AR-based guidance and real-time feedback in their field of view.

Enable Next-Gen Mobility

Replace bulky devices and scanners with our heads-up, hands-free wearable headsets.

Improve Workplace Satisfaction

Retain top talent with interactive, on-the-job supervision and training.

Industries Leveraging Vuzix


Young woman in red-and-blue checked top, wearing Vuzix smart glasses on a yellow hard hat scanning a box in a warehouse.

Despite the rise of autonomous technology (AT), warehousing faces rising costs due to errors in stocking, re-stocking returns, and maintaining appropriate levels of inventory.

Use Vuzix for warehouse operations to improve efficiencies by connecting workers to live remote support, AT machines, and enterprise management software, providing real-time decision-making support and references.


African American man in red collared shirt wearing Vuzix cap and smart glasses as he operates manufacturing equipment.

Manufacturing’s reliance on manual workflows and processes often results in operational errors and inefficiencies. In addition, the industry faces a growing skills gap as many career veterans retire. 

Vuzix AR smart glasses help speed up production, reduce errors, and improve safety by providing heads-up, hands-free instructional support directly in your workers’ field of view.

Field Services

Man standing in front of a processing plant, wearing Vuzix smart glasses, white hard hat, and orange safety jacket.

As technologies advance, technicians — many new to the workforce — are responsible for servicing machinery of increasing complexity. 

Vuzix AR smart glasses reduce errors while improving safety and productivity, connecting field workers to AI databases and remote experts in real time. This makes it possible to reduce downtime and resolve issues in minutes instead of days.

Vuzix M4000 Smart Glasses

Vuzix M4000 smart glasses for operations help improve productivity by letting workers access critical content with AR displays, document steps and resolve issues, and livestream remote support — all hands-free. 

Lightweight and durable, our smart glasses use waveguide technologywith see-through displays that keep workers safe and constantly aware of their surroundings.

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Resources for OPERATIONS

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Find out how AR smart glasses for warehouse operations are improving picking accuracy and volume along with profit margins.

Vuzix Leads in Assisted and Augmented Reality

As a global leader in assisted and augmented reality, Vuzix is helping transform companies with intuitive, hands-free digital devices that boost productivity.

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