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I already own an Vuzix M300/M300XL. Can I purchase the Vuzix Basics™ Video software separately and install it to my device?

Starting April 30th, 2019, Vuzix Basics™ Video is now Vuzix Remote Assist.


Where can I get help for Vuzix Remote Assist?

You can find more info on the quick start guide. If you still have more questions please contact customer support.

Can I use the Vuzix Remove Assist application with the Vuzix Blade?

Vuzix Remote Assist (VRA) is now available for the Vuzix Blade smart glasses.

To install VRA on your Vuzix Blade®, use your companion app and search for Vuzix Remove Assist.

What are the bandwidth requirements for VRA calls?

VRA Calls can be maintained with as little as 0.2 Mbps upload/download. We recommend 1.5 Mbps (up/down) for optimal quality.  

Note: VRA always has the option to send high resolution still photos during a video call, so even when the call quality is reduced due to low network bandwidth, the remote expert can see exactly what the field technician sees.  

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