Connecting smart workforces to the data and expertise they need

Streamline Warehousing,
Picking and Expediting with AR Smart Glasses

Vuzix is the industry standard ar wearable for logistics and manufacturing

Workers can pick orders with unprecedented comfort, speed, and accuracy with Vuzix. The voice-controlled displays feature integrated barcode readers and let them view inventory data in the corner of their eye.

Plus, our extended life battery means your team is ready for the long haul, day in and day out. And only Vuzix offers so many attractive and totally wearable form factors.

Warehouse Logistics Results to bank on

15% performance increase related to receiving, decreasing the average depalletization time by 4 minutes.

24% performance increase for put away activity, decreasing average slotting time by 22 minutes.

20% performance increase in picking, decreasing average order processing time by 16 minutes.

“This technology frees both the hands of the operator and makes the human job easier overall. This is not science fiction. This is real. This technology gives us extra speed to serve more customers without compromising on quality or accuracy.”

-Gurumurthi Shankar

Chief Commercial Officer at Global Shipping and Logistics (GSL)


Spotlight on Vuzix M400 Smart glasses

Lightweight and durable, Vuzix M400 smart glasses are the most wearable, powerful, and ergonomically versatile headworn computer on the market.

Vuzix Partners with the Best to Deliver the Best to You


Maintain a High Level of Accuracy

Avoid order fulfillment errors with our warehouse picking solutions.

Boost Worker Performance

Eliminate manual processes and enable hands-free mobility with our AR technology.

Streamline the Working Environment

Replace bulky equipment and in-aisle congestion with our lightweight and comfortable headworn computers.

Provide Real-Time Feedback

Support robust interaction and communication among workers, managers, and software.

Create a Safe and Productive Workplace

Record training videos and give on-the-job remote guidance to new employees.

Optimize Warehouse Logistics with AR Smart Glasses

Download the Vuzix Warehouse Logistics White Paper

This white paper provides an overview of how AR smart glasses streamline warehouse, picking and expediting operations. Businesses that equip their team with Vuzix M400 smart glasses save time and money, as workers are able to process orders with greater speed and accuracy. Additionally, you'll learn how AR smart glasses help warehouse managers tackle rising shipping costs and increased import/export restrictions.

Download the APTUS CASE STUDY to learn more about vuzix glasses Solving supply Chain Operations

This case study provides an example of Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses being used to make supply chain strategy more efficient. Learn how Aptus and Vuzix have teamed up to make supply chain more automated without increasing costs.


Learn how easy it is to integrate Vuzix smart glasses into your workflows so that you can improve quality, streamline production, and reduce costs.

Our smart glasses are the most comfortable on the market — but don’t just take our word for it! Try them on and see for yourself.