High-quality, full-color transparent optical structures for near-eye augmented reality displays and lenses.

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Vuzix is a leader in optics technology for near eye displays, and one of the largest suppliers of smart glasses in the world. We provide full customer ready solutions, modular sub-systems, or even full custom waveguide with display engine designs.

Our smart glasses and component technologies are the result of extensive research, design, and development, which we then supplement through OEM partnerships with major tech companies. Our light thin and ergonomic Waveguide designs coupled with our innovative optics for display engines create some of the most desirable and adaptable products.

Vuzix Incognito™ Waveguide Technology

Whether accessing, confidential information, top secret intel or checking the latest scores in a meeting, keep your viewing content discreet with Vuzix Incognito Waveguide Technology.

Vuzix Incognito Waveguide Technology virtually eliminates the display of forward-facing content visible on waveguide-based devices. With no apparent glow shining through the lens, to onlookers it's like you're not wearing a waveguide at all.

This technology makes our waveguides ultra-efficient at managing light flow through the lens, enhancing low light optical performance and improving the display contrast. What you get is an even clearer image with no impact on battery power, and the confidence that your content is for your eyes only.

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Vuzix waveguides are respected around the world. We are experts in directing light where it needs to be in a compact, efficient package.

Optical Solutions

Our world class optics team specializes in custom solutions from full system designs to basic Waveguides for use in third party solutions.

Display Engines

Vuzix is at the forefront of the industry, providing smaller, lighter and more efficient display engines to the market.

What are waveguides?

Waveguides are thin (about 1 mm thick for each individual plate), transparent, optical elements that take a projected virtual image and relay it to the eye while expanding the exit pupil (viewing window) at the same time.

Currently available in two field of vision formats, 28˚ and 40˚, waveguides are built from plastic or glass and allow images to travel between two surfaces. The image bounces along the interior of the lenses and then projects a transparent image into the eye.

Vuzix waveguides are some of the brightest, clearest, and best-performing on the market. They can be configured with larger FOVs and designed to fit any variety of form factors.


Vuzix waveguides require a powerful display engine expressly built for the job. From miniaturization to lightwave coupling to ultra-efficiency and high resolution output, we’ve redefined what’s possible in an LED projector.

Our display engine is the smallest and most advanced available, perfectly suited to lightweight wearable form factors. Barely the size of a pencil eraser, the microLED display engine can pair with any variety of optics technology solutions.

Learn how our OEM services enable with companies to produce results ideal for their customers.

Vuzix Waveguides Define the AR Market

Vuzix waveguides are ultrathin, full color and transparent - and they're available for integration with your technology. Learn more about our OEM solutions.


Our companion app for Android and iOS enables easy setup and communication between your smartphone and M400. 

Manage your Vuzix smart glasses right from your smartphone: Easily configure settings, manage notifications, remotely control apps, and more.

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