App Store FAQs

Can I upload a private app to the App Store?

  • We do offer an option to set applications as private when uploading an app to the App Store.

    To enable this feature:

    • Navigate to the App Details of your application in your developer account
    • Select 'Private App'
    • Click 'Update App'

    Once updated, you will see an option under the application name labeled 'Users'. Click this option to view/manage the accounts that will have access to your application.

    *Notes: Only registered Vuzix App Store email addresses will be allowed access to the application. Private applications are required to follow the same approval process as public applications upon submission.

How can I gain access to my subscriber's device information?

For information on accessing data related to application subscriber's please reference the following document.

How can I upload an app to Vuzix App Store?

Please refer to our Vuzix developer guide on how to upload an app to Vuzix App Store.

My Mac will not let me open/Run Vuzix View

Vuzix View its an official Vuzix product that allow you to view and control your Vuzix Devices from your PC or Mac.

As a Vuzix Product it has been tested and signed as an application from Vuzix Corporation.

But depending on the level of security your MacOS has enabled, the OS might report the app is not secure.

To allow the application to run follow the steps below that are recommended by Apple.