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How can I navigate the Blade 2 user interface?

  • The Blade 2 has one physical button which is the power button. This button can be used to power ON and power OFF the Blade. It also has a touchpad on the right temple. All the interactions with the Blade are done using this touchpad as gestures.

  • For details on Blade 2 gestures, refer to the Blade 2 User Manual.

  • The Blade 2 has two LEDs. The green power LED is the visual indicator that the Blade 2 is powered ON or if the Blade 2 is being charged. The red recording LED is the visual indicator that the camera app is being accessed or a video is being recorded by the Blade 2.

What are the advanced gestures supported on Vuzix Blade 2?

  • One-Finger Tap = Select the item in focus (or) Wakeup Blade when it is sleeping
  • One-Finger Swipe Up = Swipe up (or) navigate vertical lists by going up (or) Goes to previous row on keyboard
  • One-Finger Swipe Down = Swipe down (or) navigate vertical lists by going down (or) Goes to next row on keyboard
  • One-Finger Swipe Forward = Swipe forward (or) Goes to next char on keyboard (or) Moves the video scrubber forward
  • One-Finger Swipe Backward = Swipe back (or) Goes to previous char on keyboard (or) Moves the video scrubber back
  • One-Finger Hold for One Second = Bring up menu (when available). E.g.: On keyboard, it displays various options for that char
  • Two-Finger Swipe Backward = Delete / Backspace. Ex: On Keyboard deletes previous char. Acts like one backspace click
  • Two-Finger Swipe Forward = Delete action, Ex: On Photos or videos or notifications (or) On keyboard add a space
  • Two-Finger Swipe Up = Volume up (or) During recovery navigates the list
  • Two-Finger Swipe Down = Volume down (or) During recovery navigates the list
  • Two-Finger Hold for One Second = Home
  • Two-Finger Tap = Back
  • Three Finger Tap = Screen OFF

How do I connect to Wi-Fi?

  1. Navigate to Settings > Connectivity > Wi-Fi
  2. Select "Turn On" if disabled
  3. Select "Add Network"
  4. Select the Network you wish to connect to (if hidden, select "Add Hidden Network")
  5. Enter the network details and select the green check mark

How can I get an OS update?

  1. Before updating the Blade Software 2 using OTA, ensure the Blade 2 is connected to a Wi-Fi network and the battery is charged to at least 50%.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Software Update > Tap on Check for Updates. If there is an update, a dialog will indicate as such.
  3. On the dialog tap download.
  4. When the download is complete, tap install. The Blade 2 will verify/install the update and restart with the new software version.
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