Lifi Solutions

Highly secure and low latency alternative to conventional wireless

Lifi Flexibility for Any Work Environment

Conventional wireless connectivity solutions use the crowded radio spectrum to communicate, and pose known security and safety risks in certain environments, especially those where radio frequency wireless connectivity is not permitted.

To satisfy these conditions, our smart glasses are compatible with Signify's Trulifi, which provides wireless broadband connection and uses invisible light to provide two-way wireless connectivity to IoT devices. The use of LiFi greatly reduces latency for Vuzix Smart Glasses in areas where radio-based devices have poor-to-limited connectivity.

Trulifi's always-on, dedicated connection ensures seamless handover throughout LiFi enabled environments, providing high-level security and up to 220Mbps connectivity.  

Why Lifi?

As more devices and mixed reality applications come online, wireless communication networks are under increasing strain, with drop off and latency rates increasing. LiFi provides physical layer security, and boasts a high data rate capability.

Why Trulifi?

Trulifi by Signify provides Vuzix enterprise smart glasses customers across manufacturing, aerospace, hospitality, and digital industries with a secure, reliable and fast wireless broadband connection that is ideal for places where radio-based wireless connectivity is poor or restricted.

How Does It Work?

Trulifi’s system mount connects to Vuzix using a USB cable, enabling the smart glasses to leverage infrared and visible light for consistent and secure two-way communication with connectivity speeds up to 220Mbps.

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High Speed Data

Trulifi provides Vuzix users with two-way light-based wireless connections with consistent high speed data rates to ensure data integrity.

Inherent Security

In contrast to radio waves, LiFi does not pass through walls, which minimizes leakage and keeps network communications fundamentally sound. 


LiFi solutions provide ideal connectivity conditions and the highest network reliability, especially in busy or high security areas.

Ergonomic Design

As with all Vuzix solutions, our LiFi accessory is light weight and energy efficient, designed for comfortable, all-day wear.

Lifi Use Cases

EMI Sensitive Environments

In certain applications, such as on aircraft, LiFi enabled lighting allows connectivity at all times, without creating electromagnetic interference (EMI) with sensitive radio equipment on the flight deck. 


EMI sensitivity and security of data are significant obstacles for many traditional WiFi solutions. LiFi can enable the better deployment of secure networked medical instruments, patient records, and AR solutions. 

Safety Environments

In hazardous environments, the use of LiFi to pass data can simplify the configuration of data networks safely and effectively, enabling systems to enhance security in these environments.

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