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Work Smarter and Faster with Vuzix

Organizations rely on a globally dispersed workforce to meet customer expectations and complete tasks efficiently and error-free.

When used with Vuzix smart glasses, our streaming video application Vuzix Remote Assist increases productivity and customer satisfaction by instantly connecting workers in the field to remote support experts, eliminating the need for travel.


Improve Global Access to Support

Connect your distributed workforce with the right expert, wherever they are.

Increase Uptime and Service Levels

Get equipment up and running faster with just-in-time guidance and instruction.

Significantly Reduce Costs

Eliminate travel and commuting costs with remote video support.

Make Training Teams Easy

Enable on-the-job training that can be delivered to a single or multiple sites.

Industries Leveraging Vuzix Products


African American man in red collared shirt wearing hat-mounted Vuzix smart glasses as he operates machinery.

Manufacturing’s reliance on manual workflows and processes often results in operational errors and inefficiencies. In addition, the industry faces a growing skills gap as many career veterans leave the workforce. When paired with Vuzix smart glasses, Vuzix Remote Assist allows for real-time video and audio collaboration and training that lets workers stay compliant as they learn by doing.

Field Service

Man in orange safety jacket, yellow hard hat, and Vuzix smart glasses working out in front of a processing pipe system.

As technologies advance, technicians — many new to the workforce — are responsible for servicing products of increasing complexity. The Vuzix Remote Assist app, when used with our augmented reality (AR) smart glasses, reduces errors while improving safety and productivity by connecting field workers to remote assistance in real time, making it possible to resolve issues in minutes instead of days.


Female lab technician wearing Vuzix smart glasses, blue safety gloves, and white lab coat, pouring liquid from a test tube.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused disruptions to availability and access to care, creating delays that negatively impacted patients’ health. With our remote assist smart glasses, you can instantly deliver hands-free, cost-effective healthcare virtually — anytime, anywhere. Quality of care improves as medical experts can spend more time interacting with patients and guiding other care practitioners.

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Case Studies

Paramedic-to-Emergency Room Communications

Chi Mei is a well-known pioneer of emergency care in Taiwan. To streamline this care and improve outcomes, it has incorporated Vuzix smart glasses, giving ER physicians see-what-I-see knowledge of incoming patients.

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“The glasses are lightweight, easy to use, and allow us to use our hands to treat patients while communicating with each other. We couldn’t be happier with any piece of technology.”

— Bor-Chih Cheng, MD

Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery

VUZIX Remote Assist Blog

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Our smart glasses are the most comfortable on the market — but don’t just take our word for it! Try them on and see for yourself.

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