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Improve efficiency, accuracy, and training in the warehouse. Use Vuzix smart glasses for stocking, picking, and controlling inventory.

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Vuzix receives follow-on order to support logistics operations at Fortune 100 Retailer

Enhance Warehousing Efficency with Vuzix

Despite the onset of autonomous technology (AT), warehousing faces rising costs due to errors in stocking, order picking, and general turnover.

Vuzix augmented reality (AR) smart glasses optimize efficiencies in the warehouse and distribution centers by providing an improved onboarding experience, real-time decision-making support, instantly connecting workers to supervisors and enterprise management systems.



Watch OX demonstrate how utilizing Vuzix Smart Glasses can increasing your picking rate by up to 37%.

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Maintain a High Level of Accuracy

Avoid order fulfillment errors with our warehouse picking solutions.

Boost Worker Performance

Eliminate manual processes and enable hands-free mobility with our AR technology.

Streamline the Working Environment

Replace bulky equipment and in-aisle congestion with our lightweight and comfortable headworn computers.

Provide Real-Time Feedback

Support robust interaction and communication among workers, managers, and software.

Create a Safe and Productive Workplace

Record training videos and give on-the-job remote guidance to new employees.

Warehousing Use Cases

Reduction in Operational Errors

As shipping costs rise and import/export restrictions tighten, operational errors become more expensive. 

With Vuzix AR technology, you can pick glasses that can easily identify many different objects or scan codes — heads up and hands-free. Plus, they can quickly capture unique pictures, video, and audio, all of which can be uploaded to a database or streamed to supervisors to spot errors in real time.

Heads-Up, Hands-Free Mobility

Young woman wearing Vuzix smart glasses mounted on a yellow hard hat scanning a box on a shelf in a warehouse.

Rather than rely on clipboards, count sheets, and other manual documentation, the warehousing industry is moving towards mobile technology such as tablets, smartphones, and scanners to boost accuracy and output. 

With Vuzix AR glasses, warehouse workers can further improve efficiencies by using a 100% heads-up, hands-free solution that instantly connects them to supervisors and supporting software.

Augmented Reality Warehouse Picking

Picking errors can cost as much as $300 per instance to correct when shipping to customers. When it affects the manufacturing process, the cost jumps to thousands, resulting in a drop in profitability of 11-13%. 

Vuzix enables augmented reality warehouse picking with instant user feedback that confirms the success of a pick. With Vuzix AR smart glasses, corporations see a reduction in a warehouse worker's errors and a boost in customer satisfaction.

Just-in-Time Training and Guidance

Surveys indicate that 40-50% of employees who receive poor job training, or whose training is stagnant, leave their positions within the first year. 

With Vuzix AR smart glasses, warehouse workers can receive interactive, on-the-job training and supervision simultaneously from remote experts. Pre-recorded and live training and onboarding can be delivered to a single location or to multiple sites.

Logistics Spotlight


Vuzix M400 smart glasses help manufacturers improve productivity by allowing workers to: 

  • Access instructions, diagrams, and videos via AR with audio and visual overlays
  • Document steps and detect issues
  • Livestream remote support, hands-free

Lightweight and durable, Vuzix M400 smart glasses are the most wearable, powerful, and versatile headworn computer on the market.

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Learn how Aptus' pick-by-vision, voice-enabled technology running on Vuzix M400 smart glasses is driving unheard-of performance enhancements in receiving, put away and picking.

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Resources for Warehousing

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Smart Glasses Are Changing How We Work

As a global leader in assisted and augmented reality, Vuzix is helping transform companies with intuitive, hands-free digital devices that boost productivity.

Designed for all-day wear

Vuzix smart glasses allow logistics professionals to pick orders with unprecedented comfort, speed, and efficiency. The voice-controlled displays feature integrated barcode readers and let workers view inventory data in the corner of their eye.

Super lightweight and built for all-day comfort, Vuzix smart glasses improve workplace safety and worker satisfaction. Plus, our extended life battery means your team will be supported the long haul, day in and day out.

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Learn how easy it is to integrate Vuzix smart glasses into your warehousing functions to reduce costs and boost efficiency and accuracy.

Our smart glasses are the most comfortable on the market — but don’t just take our word for it! Try them on and see for yourself.